Welcome To Callitfix a unique company working on fixing problems.

Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them .

Albert Einstein

Callitfix has its humble roots in solving problems from the onset. The Story has it that the Founders were unemployed, and the company was started by divine inspiration. The company has come a long way and over the years has been instrumental in managing various projects. Every problem we have endeavoured to solve has lead us down interesting avenues and has added to our knowledge. We truly believe you are here to answer the call to fix things.

We look to solve problem with a new mindset a truly renewed one guided by the only true Designer, Creator and Originator of Life Jesus Christ.


Our Services
Management Servicess

Our Team is equipped to consult you on various management Servicess to cater to your unique basic needs and deliver you a  system that works for you.

App Development and Office Automation

Your time is best used developing yourself and your team and leave the repetitive tasks that take up so much of your precious times to systems and process which we can design for you to give you a truly Automated System

Umbrella Service

You can bank on our Umbrella service while you focus on  your contracts, We manage your invoice and your credit control to ensure you are paid on time all the time.

Digital Marketing

Let us Manage your Digital Marketing to ensure you have maximum returns for your investment.

E-commerce Management

Our Team is able to help you mange your online shop and suggest to you the various business model that will help you achieve your  goals.

IT Management

Our Team in connection with our Partners are able to manage your IT services

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Management Services

IT Management


Umbrella Service

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